Breakfast with the Stars

This is your chance to get up close and personal on the issues that are important to you and learn from experts that have a wealth of industry experience on the topic.  Each star will host a small group, answer your questions and work through their experiences.  You can move between groups throughout the session to cover a range of issues.  A full breakfast will be provided on the hosted tables.

  1. Young Leaders - Paul Whittaker and Madeline Fahey

Join the Young Leaders Group as they brainstorm issues that will potentially impact the industry as well as how to market self storage to the next generation of customer.  The Young Leaders Group is for people 40 years old and under, but anyone can come and participate in this session.

  1. Developing Self Storage - Emma Chesterton-Kay

For anyone looking at opening a new store, call on Emma’s extensive experience in self storage development.  Build vs acquire, planning permits, unit mix, site selection, competition, managing contractors, staged construction, mezzanine floors, and any other questions you have on developing your next self storage store.

  1. Container Based Self Storage - Chris Williams

Container based self storage is the fastest growing segment of self storage in Europe.  New operators use it as a cost effective means of entering the industry.  Established self storage businesses also use containers on areas of land they are yet to develop.  Large units with drive up access, container based storage can provide a different storage solution for you.

  1. Self Storage Marketing - Christel Land

How do you give your company a strong brand identity whilst staying relevant in the era of social media? And why is it that the most effective marketing is often achieved on the most modest of budgets?  Explore these and other marketing related topics with self storage veteran and marketing expert Christel Land. 

  1. How to Develop your Self Storage Business for a Future Best Value Sale - Paul Fahey

Paul has developed or acquired and sold on a record 4 self storage portfolios across the UK and Italy over the past 19 years, including the first independent portfolio sold into the Big Yellow / Armadillo JV.   From a single modest investment of £10k he has personally generated a mind-blowing average 16000% annual return, whilst selling over £100m of facilities.  Learn how you can best establish or grow your self storage business for a profitable and successful exit.

  1. How Mystery Shopping can improve your sales process - Nick Meinertzhagen & Harry Daniel 

Mystery shopping is not about getting prices from your competitors it is about systematically analysing your own sales processes.  Nick and Harry have observed thousands of mystery shops on self storage operators and will discuss what is really important from a customer experience perspective.  This will be a candid discussion about how mystery shopping can help your business and the lessons you can learn to improve your conversion rates.

  1. The European Self Storage Market – Ollie Saunders

Which markets have grown the most significantly, which have the most potential, which are the star performers and who is struggling?  Explore the results of the European Storage Report in more detail and learn from Ollie’s wealth of experience on the European self storage industry.

  1. Selling Customers Insurance Across Europe to Improve your Income - Peter Doman

Self storage customers insurance does not just provide protection for your customers and your business but can also add a valuable revenue stream to your business.   After all, if customers goods are worth storing they are worth insuring.  Hear how you can offer customers goods insurance in different European markets.

  1. Innovation in Self Storage – Graham Lomax

Technology is changing the way customers interact with systems in their day to day life. It’s time to reimagine how we run a self storage business and deliver a better customer experience.

  1. Advanced Revenue Management – Rohan Shenoy

Revenue management is key to any self storage business and technology now gives you even more ways to maximise revenue from your customers both new and existing.  The days of putting prices up for everyone once a year are long gone.  With an effective revenue management program, self-storage owners will be able to find the best balance of modifying rental prices while keeping occupancy high.