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Wednesday September 26

15:00 Facility Tour of Paris Self Storage Sites
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Thursday September 27


Breakfast in Trade Show sponsored by Chateau Product Inc 

9:00 Welcome Session
9:15 Adapting Your Business for the New World of Uncertainty - Mark Price

Mark has a wealth of experience in the business world and has been dubbed ‘one of the nation’s favourite businessmen’ by the Independent. His insights into what makes a successful business, combined with his political insights will ensure this session has something for everyone.


European Industry Report with Ollie Saunders from JLL and Rennie Schafer, FEDESSA CEO


Rennie Schafer, CEO of FEDESSA and the team at JLL will bring you the latest results from the European Industry Report and show you how the European self storage industry is progressing. Is customer awareness improving? Is growth continuing, or is the economic and political uncertainty impacting the self storage industry? All will be revealed!

10:45 Morning Coffee & Trade Show
11:45 What Next for the European Economy? - Graeme Leach

Graeme will look at the macro economics in Europe and enlighten us on the current geopolitical trends. What impact will the current economy and the looming Brexit have on continuing customer confidence, spending and property prices? Graeme will look at future challenges and opportunities and make his predictions on how the European economy will fair.

12:45 Operating in a Regulated Market: Experiences from the USA - Tim Dietz

Currently the European self storage industry operates in a self-regulated industry, encouraging a high level of best practice without regulation. Tim shares with us the ins and outs of operating in a highly regulated industry in the United States. Looking at the differences and similarities of a regulated market and what it has meant for operators in terms of running their store, and growth of the industry.

13:15 Lunch & Trade Show
14:45 The Psychology of Websites and Online Sales - Nathalie Nahai

Nathalie is an expert in web psychology and establishing a website that maximises sales. Nathalie will take you through some tips for making your website work for you and increasing your sales. Your website is an important tool for your business and making it work is extremely important as we look at the next generation of storers and the role of the internet in today’s society.

15:45 Afternoon Tea
16:15 Its Not All Rainbows and Roses, Challenges Facing the Industry

Luigi looks at the challenges the self storage industry faces in terms of attracting investment, sourcing sites, acquiring scale and providing an international platform. A brutally honest session, Luigi will highlight why it’s not all rainbows and roses all the time in the self storage world, and how operators and the industry generally can deal with these challenges.

16:45 Developing New Self Storage Sites

Emma has a wealth of experience in self storage, starting in the industry back in 2003 as a store manager. Emma is now the Acquisitions and Development Manager for Storage King, acquiring and developing new properties into the Storage King portfolio. Emma will share the challenges she faces day-to-day in acquiring and developing new sites, including some examples of particularly challenging projects. Essential for those looking at opening a new store or expanding their business.

18:15 Welcome Drinks in the Trade Show sponsored by Active Supply & Design
19:30 Cultural Dinner at Les Pavillons de Bercy sponsored by RADical Systems. 

Located in an old wine storage facility of the Bercy quarter, in the eastern district of Paris, the Pavillons de Bercy is a unique place of culture celebrating the 19th century fairground. You will be amazed with the level of detail in this reproduction using authentic fairground games and models, all lovingly restored by the owner so that you can use and enjoy them. The latest in audio technology has been seamlessly integrated to reveal the soul of the heritage objects, to get your imagination going and welcome you into this world of daydreams.


Friday September 28

8:00 Breakfast with the Stars sponsored by Basil Fry & Company – Self Storage Risk Solutions

This is your chance to share breakfast with the stars and speakers of the conference, as well as other industry experts. With small discussion groups, allowing you to ask the questions and truly delve into the topics that mean the most to you. This is led by the delegates – it’s all about your questions.

9:30 Self Storage for the Next Generation - Bill Hobin

One of the most anticipated speakers to ever speak at a FEDESSA event. Bill is CEO and founder of the William Warren Group in the United States. The Santa Monica based entrepreneurial real estate company owns and operates a thriving network of modern self storage properties across the United States. He takes a very different approach to self storage with proven results, taking customer focus to a whole new level and using innovative marketing methods to attract new customers. Every self storage operator is sure to get something out of this presentation, truly a session not to be missed.

10:30 Morning Coffee & Trade Show
11:30 Using Technology to Manage Unmanned Sites - Michael Fogelberg

24 Storage view unmanned sites as a core element to their business, with an aim to ultimately have all their sites staff free.  Michael will look at how technology is helping them achieve this goal and how you can successfully run your facility remotely.


Your Self Storage Brand - Christel Land


Christel explores the concept of branding, both from a perspective of marketing and operations. Branding is more than just marketing and slick slogans. It is about consistency in every communication with your customer, so that you leave your customers with one solid impression of who you are as a company. But how do you do it? This talk takes delegates through a simple step by step approach to audit their own consistency in communication in order to highlight potential improvements.

12:45 Social Media for Self Storage - The Takeover

Mark Turner and Suzanne Bennett – The Takeover founders, are experts in everything marketing, website and social media. Mark and Suzanne come from a background of self storage, having worked in self storage facilities previously, and therefore know the peculiarities around self storage. They will be focussing on social media at the conference, giving you tips on content, examples of successful and maybe not so successful social media posts.

13:15 Lunch & Trade Show
14:45 Pricing Strategies for Self Storage - Goran Skugge, PriceGain

PriceGain are a business who help companies to improve profitability through modern, strategic and customerbased pricing techniques. They will be examining some of the common pricing practices within self storage and the short and long term impact they have on the business. They will also be examining the key concepts behind price optimization, target pricing and other techniques that can help improve profitability in self storage.

15:45 Close & Preview of 2019
16:00 FEDESSA Meeting

FEDESSA Board Members only.

19:00 Pre Dinner Drinks Sponsored by DeSeM Lifts
19:30 Awards Dinner Sponsored by our Major Sponsors, Steel Storage. 

Celebrate the year’s achievements in the industry with the Annual Industry Awards Dinner. Always a great night loaded with entertainment, great food and wine and your final chance to network with other delegates at the event.

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