Italian Self Storage Conference - May 14, 2018

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The 2nd Italian Self Storage conference took place in Florence on May 14th. Organised by AISI, the Italian Self Storage Association, this event aims at promoting the best practices and facilitating the development of the sector. Just like last year, the conference speakers have been chosen according to specific expertise and topics of common interest:


  • the legal aspect of a self storage contract, tackled by two lawyers: Mauro Battistella and Sara Porta
  • the importance of insurance, presented by insurer Paolo Musajo of Generali Italia
  • how to increase sales, couldn't be explained but anyone other than coach and retail marketing expert, Luigi Di Genua.
  • local mobile marketing applied to the self storage world, introduced by Simone Marzola, business consultant and member of the Italian Trainers Association


'We're delighted to be in Florence, a beautiful city which gives us the opportunity to gather operators from all over Italy: from Trento to Naples, from Milan to Rome. This second AISI conference represents a great occasion to learn, understand and discover something new of the self storage world' so begins Cesare Carcano, AISI President as well as CEO of Casaforte Self Depositi. This year AISI aimed high and invited four important international self storage sponsors. Steel Storage, main sponsor of the event, world leader in the design and manufacturing of  self-storage facilities, has participated with great enthusiasm together with three top sponsors: PTI Security, the experts when it comes to security and access control, Store-It, which has been taking care of self storage software for over 18 years, and the Americans of Universal Storage Containers, producters of mobile and easy to asemble storage solutions.


AISI's vision is to create a place to share culture and provide a structure of knowledge which will allow its members to operate in a more efficient and profitable way in the Italian and international market.


The participants have had the opportunity to spend a day of training together, as well as meet four remarkable international businesses related to the self storage world.


An official video of the event will be available soon on Youtube:


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