17:35 – 18:05

Spanish Economic outlook

30 mins Live session
With an end to COVID-19 restrictions in site what is in store for the Spanish economy.  An extended recession, rapid recovery or something in between.   Our economic expert will give his predictions.


Juan Villen

Managing Director, Idealista

English version:  Managing Director at idealista/hipotecas. He has been working for almost 15 years as manager and/or founder of companies such as Capitae, Ateneo FInance, S.A, Ibing Financial Services and General Electric Capital Bank.  Juan has an outstanding knowledge of the financial services market (credit cards, loans, etc.) and is an excellent manager of the business. He is very well respected in the Spanish industry. 

Spanish version:  Juan Villen es el director de hipotecas de Idealista. Llega a este puesto después de 15 años en bancas de consumo, habiendo sido directivo y/o fundador de empresas como Capitae, Ateneo FInance, S.A, Ibing Financial Services y General Electric Capital Bank