16:25 – 17:15

Self Storage Pricing Policies

50 mins Live session

Pricing is the singularly most important decision self storage operators make and yet many businesses do not have a pricing policy or clear direction on pricing.  Rennie will cover pricing policies including dynamic pricing along with common mistakes operators make with pricing.


Rennie Schafer

CEO, Self Storage Association UK

English version:  Rennie is the current CEO of the Self Storage Association UK, having previously been the CEO of the Australasian Self Storage Association for over 9 years.  Rennie has extensive knowledge of the self storage industry across the world, from the developing Asian markets through to the birthplace of self storage in the USA. He is a bit of a tech Geek and is currently on the Beta testing group for Google Maps and My Business.

Spanish version: Rennie es el actual director ejecutivo de la Self Storage Association del Reino Unido, y anteriormente, durante más de 9 años, fue el director ejecutivo de la Australasian Self Storage Association. Rennie tiene un amplio conocimiento de la industria del Self Storage, en todo el mundo, desde los mercados asiáticos en desarrollo hasta del mercado en EEUU. Además, es experto en tecnología por lo que está en el equipo de testaje de las versiones Beta de Google Maps y My Business.