Madison International Realty

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The firm was founded in 2002 by Ronald Dickerman, Madison’s President, with the idea of building a global investment platform focused on providing liquidity to real estate owners and investors who otherwise had few options for facilitating early exits from their illiquid real estate ownership positions or monetizing embedded equity. Today, with offices in New York, Los Angeles, London, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and Amsterdam and a full team of professionals dedicated to the sourcing, underwriting, acquisition, asset management and investor relations, Madison has become a global leader in providing equity capital in a diverse range of real estate transactions involving class A properties and portfolios. Madison focuses on capital partner replacements, equity monetizations and recapitalizations of class A properties and portfolios located throughout the US, UK and Western Europe as well as investments in public/private companies owning similar quality properties. Since inception, Madison has raised over $8 billion in capital commitments from more than 175 institutional investors around the world.  Furthermore, Madison is an existing investor in self storage assets in Europe.