The FEDESSA Member Associations uphold the European Self Storage Standard. 

This European standard ensures that customers can store their belongings in confidence at one of the self storage association members. It confirms that the business meets industry standards in terms of security, construction and management. 

The European Self Storage Standard covers the following elements:

  • Having a secure defined perimeter, which could be the building itself and/or a perimeter fence.

  • Be accessed and controlled separately from any other business/storage.

  • Have Customer Only access control to the self storage area.

  • Be clean, dry and watertight.

  • Have CCTV systems monitoring critical access and exit points with recording for at least 14 days.

  • Comply with all Fire and Health & Safety Regulations.

  • Have fire and security alarms which are monitored. Comply with Asbestos Regulations.

  • Have a customer reception area.

  • Have customer and staff amenities.

  • Before any contract is signed: request two forms of identification (copies to be taken and filed). Insist all payments be made by credit card or cheque.  Cash should not normally be accepted.

  • Each separately occupied space should be constructed out of robust materials such as steel or brick and must have separate lockable access and security from access through adjacent rooms/spaces including from above.

  • Customers shall have direct access to their allocated room/space.

  • A suitable pest control prorgamme will be in place.

  • There shall be suitable insurance coverage of the building and business.