30 Sep 2023


The 2023 Report is the twelfth consecutive industry study carried out by the Federation of European Self Storage Associations (FEDESSA); this year’s report is produced jointly with CBRE for the second time.

Despite the challenges faced throughout the past year with economic headwinds, the self storage market has continued to perform resolutely and investor interest remains competitive; with a large pool of people contending for limited available opportunities.

The survey was produced with input from operators to help quantify the size and drivers of the industry across Europe. We hope it will be a useful reference point for investors and operators in this growing and dynamic market.

We received responses from over 100 operators representing 1500+ facilities in 24 countries, which covers almost a third of the total market. The survey does not include the industries in the United Kingdom, but responses to the Self Storage Association UK’s (SSA UK) 2023 Annual Survey have been added to this report where appropriate.